Earn Money by URL Shortening  I usually write for bloggers, but today I write this article for anyone looking for easy ways to make money online. Not everyone can be bloggers, SEO or marketers, many of you are just casual guys who spend their time surfing the internet.


Wait for a second !!! Do not worry if you’re a blogger, this publication is for everyone, and being a blogger is an advantage for you. Thumb in the air!

Many of you spend hours every day doing nothing. You can postpone your Facebook news feed for hours, or you can be very interested in watching YouTube videos or just chatting. No matter what you do, everyone should agree that we all spend at least an hour online and do nothing.

What happens if I say that you can earn money during this time?

I do not ask you to write articles or complete a survey or click on ads or the like. On the contrary, I will share something that you will enjoy and once the money arrives you will never look back.

As a blogger, I have not tried this for a long time, but I managed to earn about $ 25-30 by doing nothing but a small setup that took me no more than 6 minutes.

Enough of the introduction! Well, I could have caught your attention! Is it not like that?

Earn money by trimming the URL
Cutting shortcuts and earning money has always been a way to win online. Many people pursue this and earn up to $ 100 a day. Very impressive !!

You can do the same by following this guide.

shorturl.biz is a  shortening tool that allows us to shorten any link and then pay for each visit we receive in our shortened link.

You must think, Why am I writing on shorturl.biz of so many available shoppers? Well, for me it’s by far the best URL shortener.

Here are some reasons:

The best prices compared to others. As much as $ 5 per 1000 visits for some countries.

Minimum deposit limit of $ 5

Several payout options: Paypal, Webmoney, and Payoneer.

The ads are always of high quality.

Without sensitive opinions.

Dedicated social participation widget for blogs and websites.

Many other tools to maximize your income through your blogs and websites.

Free API! Are you a developer? If so, then you can understand its meaning

How can you earn money with shorturl.biz ?
Use the best URL shortener and make money by trimming the links. Here’s the complete guide to making money by shortening the URL using shorturl.biz – the best link shortening page.

The big question is how to make money with this simple online tool. So !! First and foremost, you only need to log in to shorturl.biz. Once your account has been created, you can start trimming the links.

Now everything is yours, copy and paste a link that you want to share with your friends or bloggers. Click on the button to shorten the link. Once you do this, you will receive a shortened URL for your link.

Use the short link and share it with your friends, you will be paid for each visit.

Smart tips to earn 10 USD per day by shortening URLs
Well, to make it easier, let me divide this part into two categories, one for bloggers/marketing and another for non-bloggers.

Here are some great tips to make money by trimming the URL

For bloggers and dealers
If you’re a blogger or affiliate marketer/internet, you need to be very aware of how this system works and how you can maximize sales.

Let me add some interesting tips

Replace your social widget with the shorte.st, social sharing widget.

All links shared via the buttons will be truncated to your account and you will be paid for each visit.

No matter who shares your article, you get paid. Is not it great?

If you use Blogspot comments, the Shorte has a great script for you.

You can find the script on the Tools tab of your spreadsheet.

This simple script shortens all shared links in the comment section and yet every click will pay you.

You have nothing to do but a simple script copy of 2 minutes.

If you have a website that generates huge clicks on your site, you can turn all your internal links into short links using a simple script.

This will pay a user who clicks on a link on their website. All these options are available in the website monetization.

Do you share your articles in your social media accounts?

Well, stupid of me, everyone does it! So why not share an abbreviated link that will allow you to earn a lot of money if you have the good social impact?

I could also do Affiliate Marketing on Facebook through groups and sites !! Again use short links, you will make money if you do not make a sale at least better than nothing.

But bloggers, make sure you do not overdo it! Sometimes this can be embarrassing, especially if your target audience is serious.

Well, I write that fast, so I can lose some points and comment a little more. Do you want more? Also, read the section Non-Blogger!

For non-bloggers / part-time employees
Well, this publication is for you and believe me, if you take it seriously, you can make a lot of money. Although it may take a while to get the best working practices. Here are some tips!

Join active Facebook groups and post interesting offers, pictures, and videos under their short links. Use attractive descriptions and captions to get the most clicks.

Do you share links to WhatsApp? Now shorten these URLs and share them.
If you have active Facebook pages, try sharing short links rather than sharing ordinary links.