Linkedin A Business?
LinkedIn has often been referred to as ??Facebook in a suit ??, a fancier version of the more casual social media platform, Facebook. However, Facebook is used in business circles more so in recent times as has Twitter and Instagram.Developing Your LinkedIn Business Strategy:It is a common misunderstanding that LinkedIn is only used for job recruiters / job seekers, LinkedIn much more than that. LinkedIn follows the mission statement, ??Connect the world ??s professionals to make them more productive and successful ??, LinkedIn doesn ??t limit who can use its services, any business from any sector and background can use the platform and its services, growing and connecting with similar businesses and professionals.Creating A Dynamic Company / Business Page:To create a company page on LinkedIn on the desktop format, you first have to have created a profile for you to use to then be able to create a company page. You can create a company page by clicking on the profile picture icon, a drop down menu will appear below with one of the options being ??Create a Company Page ?? or, click on ??Interests ?? and once more a drop down menu will appear, click on ??companies ?? and on the right hand side you will see a yellow ??create ?? button. You will now be able to create a company page.Finding / Engaging Your AudienceContent Marketing Using Your Company / Business Page:Updating your company page regularly is a key element in keeping people coming to your page. Only 13% of people who have a LinkedIn company page regularly update it, so to stand out above your competitors, it ??s best to update regularly.Recruiting With LinkedInIf you are a business looking to recruit new employees, LinkedIn also offers the features of ??career pages ?? and ??job posts ?? to advertise positions that are currently available within your business. It is once more a simple process in creating and posting a job, when doing so you are able to utilise LinkedIn ??s features to make the job post more appealing. For example, the cover photo is bigger on a job posting, you get to post updates, embed a video depending on how much you are paying for the job advertisement and the possibility of also using hyperlinks, to send those viewing the advertisement to places like your website or other social media.Setting up a LinkedIn account is a simple step-by-step process, once set up, you have the choice to create a personal ??professional ?? account, or a company business page. We will cover more on that aspect later on in the article.
Published on: 11/18/13, 9:17 PM