Make Money With An Ebook
Much has been said about the benefits of writing an Ebook compared to a physical book and if you want to make money online with your eBook, I decided to dedicate this post to offer you 3 ways to make money with an Ebook. First of all, I imagine that you already know that it is an Ebook, well if you do not know, an Ebook is basically an electronic book, it is a digital version of a book or a text, although also often called Ebook, the device used to read This type of books, it is better that we call this device e-reader or e-book reader.The writing of an e-book far surpasses that of a physical book, not only for the subject of covers, times of writing, editing, etc, but also for the investment of money that is made by creating an Ebook compared to a physical book .But what we are interested in is making money with an Ebook and for that the first thing we must do is write one, but do not worry that writing an Ebook is not so complicated, it all depends on the enthusiasm that you put and the creativity that accompanies you.The books that most like, are those that have to do with personal experiences. The life stories of people are very dear to readers in general, but when these are related to experiences like, quit smoking, lose weight, recover the couple.But if you do not have some kind of experience of this caliber, there is no problem, write about something that you are passionate about, for example you can write an Ebook that is titled, The technological impact today or The best 100 chocolate desserts.The important thing when it comes to writing books, whether of any subject, is to bring value to the reader. We are all always looking to solve some kind of need and if your book impacts the reader, in addition to solving your need, surely recommend you with other people and thus you will get more sales.It should also be taken into account that to promote an Ebook on any of the platforms that exist, it is not necessary that this is an encyclopedia, what it is all about writing about what you are passionate about, but in a reasonable and logical, You can promote books even of less than 50 pages that contribute a lot of value, but what I recommend is that you write between 80 and 120 pages.When you have your Ebook ready, it’s time to promote it and start making money with it, for this you need to use one or several of the promotion methods that currently exist for Ebook, this time I describe 3 of them:1. Amazon Kindle Direct Making Money Online is Possible Amazon Kindle Direct is one of the most used platforms in the Ebooks promotion market, it has a promotion system where anyone can publish their Ebooks and make money with them. In Amazon Kindle Direct you can publish your eBooks in less than 5 minutes, and will be available in the Kindle store worldwide in less than 48 hours.Also for the sales that are made of your books you will get royalties of up to 70%.If you have your eBook written in a normal text editor like Word, you have no problem, because Amazon has a Kindle Direct Publishing conversion platform, whereby the format of the book changes to the editing program they use.Another advantage of Kindle Direct Publishing is the number of tools it has at the time of editing, you can choose from dozens of templates, fonts, lyrics, which is a great advantage especially for beginning writers.In addition to all this, you can take advantage of the Kindle Countdown Deals tool, which allows you to increase the sales potential of your Ebook through the temporary promotional discount strategy or book distribution for free for a certain period of time, so you can reach To more readers and increase sales.As you can see, the advantages offered by Kindle when editing and promoting an Ebook are great, so it seems like a good way to start monetizing your writings.2. Bubok Making Money with an EbookBubok is one of the most used platforms to publish books in the traditional format, it is available in several Spanish speaking countries and they are also opening physical libraries in many of these countries.
Published on: 11/18/12, 9:17 PM