Revolutionary Women’s Business
Absorbents textiles for people with incontinence problems, training women at risk of social exclusion as baristas … These were the 10 finalists of the second edition of the initiative of female social entrepreneurship #Eresimpulso de FontVellaIt’s im-perfectBrand that elaborates and markets high quality products from ugly and imperfect fruits and vegetables with the participation of groups at risk of social exclusion.AaitsmeThis project is aimed at people with Alopecia Areata to inspire and motivate to use the disease as a tool of change through customized wigs, therapeutic coaching and workshops.Dona CaféIt is an initiative aimed at helping disadvantaged women or women at risk of social exclusion through barista training – an expert in the preparation and service of coffee – to be able to develop, work and undertake in the coffee sector.AbsorbProduction of textile absorbents for people with incontinence problems incorporating personal clothing, bathing suits and household products.AnimosaAn ethical and supportive fashion brand inspired by the most important women in history. Unique designs and products with soul that put in value to the women and their exploits. Guardar
Published on: 11/18/07, 9:17 PM