The Future Of Media In The Digital World
The creation of the Internet promised much. A Dream of open access, a truly decentralized and free jump to happy to link in link with powerful search and democratic information that he felt very close. The results have been mixed.Has facilitated the connectivity and refined open communication, but also tax evasion and the contents irresponsible. Has a circular versions and truth, with few verification method. Has created international networks with unimaginable scope for individuals, and technological institutions that have transformed all industries, and at the same time, abuse, lack of clarity in the rules and sell the results to a hierarchy of algorithms mysterious braided by the trade of notices. Is there a way to counteract pests and expand the new frontiers of this great dream? The Average Party, an annual meeting of hackers, content developers, programrs, academics and all those interested in the search for alternatives and innovation in media, offers some possibilities. In its seventh version entitled “Rebooting the journalism,” brought together over 2500 attendees in three days in the City Cultural Konex in Buenos Aires, and offered 60 24 lectures, workshops, a Fair with 48 projects and a HACKATHON. Collaboration and verification were two of the strategies mentioned above. These are some of the best recommendations.Scale AND MANAGEMENT OF CHANGESJacqui Maher, head of innovation of Conde Nast International in London, and Paul Market, the CTO of Vox Media, agreed on the need to spell out in detail the challenges of scale and the relentless rhythm of change, both which is implemented in organizations such as the WHO is spontaneously in cultures. “Coverage that speaks to all over the world, from Russia to Mexico. When one is trying to change something, you always have to deal with the legacy, compete and be tested against what exists, and implement cultural changes that are difficult,” said Maher, who has the daunting task of transforming icons such as the Vogue magazine in digital environments.“The digital media allow the narration is not restricted by the vehicle, only by imagination, what the culture allows and what technology offers. Also by the reality of running a business,” emphasized market.In his talk he spoke of the need to have structures in the backend with specific parameters and clear workflows for creators to support innovative content. In Vox media the content management system (CMS) only gives three options in the modes of production of the notes, “we decided to create an experience very controlled for the team. To guide and not distracting. Many options can paralyze. The structure and process frameworks are not restrictions, but that can encourage creativity. In addition, offer something to push and pull it off to create.”Community of creators and audienceAmphibious magazine, recognized by his chronicles and stories has taken on the digital world as an ecosystem of networks, which operates in large part thanks to a diverse team of collaborators. The “mattress” as the authors called Cristian Alarcón, the director, includes academics, poets, writers, reporters, testimonies of voices in first person, photographers, data analysts, and directors of video and virtual reality. Your challenge is to produce real-time coverage to continue to respect the production of rigorous information and encouraging ideas with a dynamic logic,“amphibious bet to break the limits of our own hearing. To a journalism that seeks to impact, shock, transcendence. To respond in real time with the immediacy of journalism and the depth of the chronicle,” said Alarcon in his presentation on how to address the coverage. The Coral Project is a project of the Mozilla Foundation that works to improve the experience of comments and exchange of information between journalists and users. Its intention is to raise the quality of the interactions to increase the diversity of voices and experiences reflected in the news and to improve journalism to generate a dialog that makes it more relevant to the lives of people.Together with the Washington Post and The New York Times created a system of rewards for the best commentators. “The journalism provides a blank wall and a can of paint and no reward for comment. If the people do not shout, is not heard. The attention is going to be the most grititos and not to the best reviews,” says Andrew Losowsky, the leader of the project, in which they have interviewed more than 350 trolls and commentators regulars. Although by now the project works only in English, some of its guidelines and recommendations are available in Spanish. Verification of data (fact-checking) collaborative“The attention is the real challenge. The news are written for the attention are mediated by the attention and monetized by the attention. We need to change that variable,” says Jonathan Albright , journalist and researcher of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University. “The links as a way to connect knowledge have been totally devalued by the ciber hooks (clickbait) and systems that create a garden to keep us locked inside. Also by information without confirmation, without context and without opponents. The internet feels broken, and with it the whole society. Can we have standards of credibility for the news without ruin it?”is one of the questions that Ed Bice is trying to answer from Meedan, a non-profit organization that promotes dialog between the Arab world and the Anglo-saxon with automated translation. In 2016, in conjunction with various Meedan newsrooms News media with diverse political ideologies I believe Electionland, a tool box of credibility to the content of the news about the elections in the United States which has been exported to several countries. “The aim is to provide context and layers of verification for the citizen journalism. It is an evolution of the idea of quote. window._taboola = window._taboola || [];_taboola.push({mode:'thumbnails-a', container:'taboola-below-article', placement:'below-article', target_type: 'mix'});Post navigationPrevious Post:How Hurricanes are Form?Next Post:Technology in the appliancesLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. 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Published on: 10/18/28, 9:17 PM