Things That Every Leader Should Do
As a strategist in communication for more than five decades and founder of Vocal Awarness Instuitute, I have had the privilege of teaching the great champions. I have been able to be close to the Olympic medalists, the Hall of Fame winners, a Tony or an Oscar winner, etc. The common theme among great men, regardless of platform, is that “the champion does it differently.”I have drawn these conclusions by studying the character of each person who has fulfilled and maximized their vision and ability.1. Do not just move away. Routine is not a routine. In every practice and repetition, commit yourself to doing things as consciously as possible. In sports and arts it is easy to understand this principle. Work is objective. You can watch your performance, like watching a movie of yourself. There are coaches who will guide you in every step. But how do we redefine our practice in business? How do we improve without a guide?One way is to become our own teachers. Listen to a recording of yourself at a meeting. Instead of entering with a few notes and barely stand out, get ready at your house in front of the mirror or a camera.  2. Have a clear vision and purpose of who you are and what you want to achieve in the short and long term. I consider our commitment to excellence as ethical and upright. Ethical is to be yourself. First create the “character declaration”. This will help you know how you want to be known. Then create a business plan (goals, schedules from one to five years, etc.)3. Establish a structure. There is an exercise in Vocal Awarness called 168 hours (7×24) to identify how you spend your week. Once you understand this objectively, you can create a system that works for you. Each champion uses a meticulous structure in his daily life, both personally and professionally. The structure does not affect, release. Freedom without direction is chaos.4. Be the agent. A champion in your art or skill is in charge. For this to be achieved, one must always integrate mind / body / spirit and constantly refine every element of his art.One way my clients personify my domain is by being up to it all the time. This is not just having good posture. It is the incarnation of what you know is good for you. Practice the statement, “I am an extraordinary person, I do extraordinary things.” At first you may not feel authentic, but in time you will feel the truth of what you are saying.Practice in front of the mirror, as if pulling a ribbon from above your head. You will realize that the first thing you will do when inhaling will be to grow a little in stature.Guardar
Published on: 10/18/26, 9:17 PM