What Is Forex?
As already mentioned, FOREX is an international currency market, where people buy and sell major world currencies: Euro, Dollars, Canadiendes, Australian Dollars, Pound Sterling, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen, even up to Mexican pesos.What time operates this market?Forex is open all day, and closed on weekends. That is why it can be operated in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the evenings, at any free time.How do I earn money?Let us suppose that the Euro (EUR) today quoted with respect to the dollar (USD) to a value of 1.3207, and i think it’s going to raise your parity, therefore bought euros. Actually goes up and closes at $1.3287, where I sell and buy dollars. By such small variations are purchased at least 10.000 euros (the variations are normally of thousandths of euro, and one thousandth is called PIP).In the example, the euro went up 80 pips (80 milliseconds), and win $80 less commissions, so stay at $75 dollar net.What if I am going to go?In this case, sell Euros (though not the has), and when you lower the price, bought cheaper. Can I sell 10.000 euros in short (sell without having them), and for each pip down, would win a dollar.Do 10.000 thousand euros? I don’t have much money saved!!This is where what is called leverage. There are brokers that allow you to open accounts with only 2.000 euros, and give you the rest. In this case, if i have 2.000 10.000 euros and I need to buy, I pay the rest and then it says that I have a leverage is of 5 to 1. With this leverage, each pip=1 dollar. There are brokers who leverage up to 50 to 1, where each pip would be $50.This information is the hook, and all is truth. I can’t operate at any time, with little investment, and have good profits. However, explain the risks and because forex is not for everyone.Investing in foreign exchange.Now you can participate in the foreign exchange market from your home or office and with just the push of a button buy or sell, enters and exits when it suits you without having to endure the vagaries or bad advice from your bank or brokerage house and without the need of having a million dollars in your account, it is more, you can operate with only $1,000.The question how can I earn a 200% if exchange rates move only cents?
Published on: 10/18/22, 9:17 PM