Which Motivates The Millennials At Work?
The globalization of the economy and markets have created an increasingly competitive context for companies, regardless of the sector to which they belong. That is why it is fundamental to have the best human team, whose members give the best of themselves and are able to develop their skills and competences to the maximum, both personally and collectively. All experts agree that this can only be achieved by large doses of motivation.Work motivation evolvesThe concern of those in charge of companies to keep their employees motivated is by no means new. It is an issue that began to be addressed at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and maybe before. From a theoretical point of view, in 1910, Frederick Taylor carried out a rigorous study of methods for increasing efficiency at work, which he called Scientific Management. This essay addresses very new issues for the time such as: the importance of agreeing between employers and workers the organization of work or the need to establish a salary system directly related to the performance of each employee.We recommend: Why the emotional salary is the most important for the millennialFrom here, theories about labor motivation have evolved and adapted to historical and social changes. New methods to promote and maintain motivation, based on the psychological needs of people, such as the desire for recognition and safety and aspects such as well-being or occupational health, have gradually been shaped.Money is not the most important thingIn the hands of young workers, millennial generation, the determinants of labor motivation today are no longer so closely linked (or at least not exclusively) to monetary incentives.New employees, increasingly prepared and educated in different values, are motivated by other issues, including the following four:Autonomy at work. When an employee has enough freedom to make decisions and organize their work without depending at all times on the approval of his superior, he becomes more active and creative, which results in a job of more quality and profitability.Flexibility. Understanding in its broadest way: functions, objectives, schedules, working methods, and so on.Networking. A LinkedInI study among Spanish employees places networking events and events as the best way to develop professionally and launch exciting projects.The transcendent motivation. In addition to the intrinsic motivation (the one that comes from oneself) and the extrinsic motivation (external factors), the new batch of workers feel a great satisfaction to be part of a company that promotes values ?? ??of solidarity, defense of the environment and Economic and social justice. It is what is known as transcendent motivation.The importance of employer brandingAt the beginning of the post we talked about competitiveness among companies, a transcendental factor when it comes to getting and, in particular, keep the best professionals within their templates.The talent is very precious and the best employees rained the job offers, even if they are not actively seeking employment, thanks to professional platforms such as LinkedIn.
Published on: 10/18/17, 9:17 PM