With No Money Start Your Online Business Now
1.Make Money Offering Webmaster Services ?I started making money from my first days working online by simply offering services other webmasters. Instead of spending hours reading forums and blogs, I spend hours working for other people. I have no special skills, I simply have time that I am trading for money. And you can do it too.Read the marketplace sections of the major webmaster forums and you will see and endless number of ideas of services you can offer, a majority of them not requiring any special tools nor skills to get started.What if I don ??t have any special skills?If you are still doubting that you can do this ?? just take a look at the marketplace sections on all the major webmaster forums. You will see a majority of the services are not complicated and can be performed by almost anyone with a computer and an internet connection. After two quick minutes of browsing here are some ideas to start you off:Content writers (simlple articles, re-writes, reviews, spinning. etc.)Link builders (web2.0 properties, link directories, article directories, social bookmarking, etc.)Website setup (WordPress installation, theme and plugin installations, etc.)Account creation (too many to list!)Designs (sites, landing pages and banners)Programming (sites, scripts, apps, etc.Tips for starting your first service provider businessI have only been providing services full-time for the past 2 months, but the quick success I have found was based on these basic principals:Practice the service first! Contact senior forum members and explain to them that you would like to offer them a free review of your new service, in return for their feedback. This will allow you to practice your service AND start your sales thread with some social proof when seniors members leave you a glowing review.Put some effort into your sales thread! Nothing is a bigger turn-off than seeing grammatical and spelling errors in the sales pitch for a content writer! If you can ??t put effort into your own business, why would other webmasters trust you with theirs?Offer quality customer service! As I said above, just doing this will help stand out from the crowd.Be accessible and respond to customer questions quickly. When webmasters are looking for cheap service providers, they will often send out multiple PM ??s asking for more information. If you aren ??t the first to respond, you may lose the sale!
Published on: 10/18/16, 9:17 PM